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Women's Circle


Due to the lack of a supportive community centered around womanhood and feminism at a local level, Beatriz felt isolated without a platform to discuss feminism and share experiences openly. Women’s Circle aimed to fill this void by creating a space where women could connect, learn, and grow together. By blending theory, art, and open discussions, it provides a safe and inclusive environment for participants to address issues related to gender equality and women’s rights, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Beatriz then began by conducting extensive research on existing feminist communities and support networks in The Hague, The Netherlands. Understanding the needs and interests of potential participants guided her in designing the format and content of the circle, for which she also heavily leaned on feminist theory and previous experiences in workshops and women’s circles. I collaborated with local feminists and artists to shape engaging discussions and creative activities for the sessions.

During the artistic exercises, Beatriz often noticed how some women can get incredibly self-aware and quickly become reserved. As she experimented with creative expression, women were often hesitant to share her work.

As someone who has been writing and participating in poetry circles for a while, Beatriz empathizes deeply with this struggle. Understanding the vulnerability of baring one’s soul through art and the fear of judgment that can accompany it, it was a  rewarding experience to witness how women began opening up with time. The opportunity to talk about it with them also gave her a deeper sense of confidence. This allowed everyone’s voices to grow stronger.

“To recognize the power of our shared experiences has been extremely rewarding to me. The ability to see myself in their journeys had also helped me foster a sense of tenderness towards our collective struggles, allowing me to embrace my own vulnerability.”