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Community Organizing Workshops


When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Joseph Crowley in 2018 by winning the primaries for the House seat, it became clear to Dennis that community organizing is an effective method to win against powerful incumbents who seem to have unlimited financial resources. Dennis wanted to cultivate this community organizing approach to campaigning in Germany.

To this end, he created various workshop series for political leaders, educating them on how to organize people and gain base power in the face of cynicism. According to Dennis, the political landscape in Germany is characterized by cynicism, with people who have stopped believing in the possibility of change.

Prior to organizing workshops, he read several books on this topic, including Why David Sometimes Wins The Uprising and Rules For Revolutionaries. He also participated in the Harvard Resistance School. Dennis transferred the knowledge gained from these experiences into the workshops.

The workshop series enables participants to organize their communities in order to fight for progressive causes. Some of the topics addressed were Community Organizing: What is the difference between organizing and mobilizing? ; Public Narrative: How do we tell our stories to make others join our movement?; and Popularity & Power: What is the role of social media, popularity and aesthetics in gaining power?