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Building Home(s)


Building Home(s) is a project aimed celebrating and facilitating positive attitudes towards diversity within cities, focussing specifically upon the city of Frankfurt, Germany. It does this primarily through a series of workshops and events questioning the notion of ‘home’.

The beauty of Building Home(s) is that it is a model which works in virtually any country or city. People travel and migrate for a wide range of reasons, be it for a short or long time, for career, education, security, family, love, adventure, or a change in pace. They seek connections with the place they live in, and yearn for community in some shape or form. Building Home(s) is part of a larger conversation in which we create those networks of solidarity.

Where is ‘Home’?

Building Home(s) is part of a larger conversation about the notion of ‘home’, in which – hopefully – networks of solidarity can be created. It aims to engage the community in Frankfurt in questioning what the concept of ‘home’ might signify, and through this, potentially forge new connections and facilitate positive and meaningful conversations. This project has been conducted through a series of events and workshops, in an attempt to alleviate the friction, alienation or misunderstandings which can unfortunately arise between communities with intersecting religion, socio-economic status, cultural backgrounds.

Through a series of events led by a group of 2021 Berlin Fellows – including film screenings, photography exhibitions, drama workshops, and talks – Building Home(s) creates a safe space where people can interact, learn from each other, and meet on a regular basis. This creates a greater esprit de corp and promotes a democratic exchange among the city’s inhabitants.

Mapping Geographies of Home

Matthew Fam is a Process Drama facilitator and community theatre director, who designed a drama workshop accessible for all participants from varying cultural backgrounds and language competencies. These workshops involve movement-related activities, which don’t require fluent language skills or use of a specific language but are, nevertheless, able to connect individuals in an impactful manner. Participants are able to explore the places they were born, where they currently spend most of their time, and locations they imagine to be their future homes.

The project goal is to promote social togetherness, and can hopefully be extended to a wide range of cities in the future.