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Are You Up for Cinema?


EDVACAY Fellows Tarik Alić, Daniel Lazarević, Arnela Maglić, and Olivera Šebić created this project with the aim to draw attention to the existing but non-functioning cinema in Goražde. This cinema is perceived as a public space that can potentially foster social cohesion and further social and professional progress of the youth in the town of Goražde, but is nevertheless neglected.

Group started a petition within the project called “Civic Initiative for Starting a Functional Cinema in Goražde – We are against an empty cinema hall!” and organized a one-day festive street event with a film projection for Goražde community in the mentioned cinema within Cultural Center in Goražde. This event was covered by one of the most read news portal in BiH which published an article on this initiative.


This project is generously supported by: