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BOLD Action: EduLab


EduLab is a skills-matching online platform that combines the labor and education sectors.

EduLab has three main goals that cater to its three main beneficiaries – students, professors, and employers.

  1. Enhance student visibility and give them a practical insight into today’s market
  2. Connect college professors with market experts in a way where employers would be able to show in which areas young employees are mostly lacking after finishing college. Educate/advise professors on the topic of soft skills that are typically required in the current market in their area of expertise, so that professors can incorporate the knowledge into the college curriculum, thus making it easier for students/future employees to live up to the needs of today’s market
  3. Create a more sufficient and adequate cadre of young professionals who have a real insight into the market today

The project’s main objective is interactively connecting college students and professors with employers on the market by organizing educational programs in which both students and professors would be advised by the employer on current and necessary practical soft skills, and how to incorporate them into the curriculum today.

  • Photo by Jasmin Agović
  • Photo by Jasmin Agović
  • Photo by Jasmin Agović
  • Photo by Jasmin Agović
  • Photo by Jasmin Agović
  • Photo by Jasmin Agović


Project Team

Alem Hamzić

Education: Bachelor in Political Science – International Relations and Diplomacy, at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in the same field, at the same university.

Amna Tuzović

Education: Holds a master’s degree from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo in Political Science and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, University of Travnik.

Lejla Omerović

Education: Senior high-school student majoring in mathematics and computer science. In the past few years she has been a part of the regional startup scene where she competes in innovation challenges. In October, her team won the first female hackathon supported by European Union. She became a Gender Youth Activist nominated by UN Women.

Sara Sitnić

Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sarajevo. Currently a Master student in Mechanical and Process Engineering, Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Selma Rajkić

Education: Currently attaining Bachelor’s degree, Faculty of Law University of Sarajevo. Selma was a participant of the Humanity in Action BiH “Encouraging Democratic Values and Active Citizenship Among Youth” 2018/19 cycle.

Info Boost - Final Event

EduLab Event in Sarajevo

BOLD Action: Project Video

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