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Served Up - To Dinner With Your Nazi-Background


Germany is increasingly haunted by its memory lapses: Studies show that only 18% of Germans say that there were Nazi-perpetrators among their ancestors. And 17.6% of Germans think their ancestors were part of the resistance against Nazi-Germany. However, estimates assume that at the very most 0.3% of Germans resisted the Nazis.

“Served Up” wants to make things personal – because the private is political! It wants to counter a dominating comfortable feeling of supposed distance to the Nazi-perpetrators within the White and privileged Germany. The project intervenes at one of the most sensitive and political family practices: the dinner table. The ritual of a shared meal brings generations together and political discussions to the table.

Over the course of “Served Up” Felix wants to research how private conversations about one’s own entanglement in Nazi-history could be used as a transformative resource for an honest culture of remembering. A remembrance that is inextricably linked to confronting right-wing, anti-democratic tendencies today. In an artistic-culinary research process, Felix aims to develop a performative card game to strengthen the family as a negotiation site of a truthful memory culture.

Based in Heidelberg, Germany, “Served Up” will target Germans of all age-groups with Nazi background. Interviews will be led over Dinner in different venues of Heidelberg.


Updated April 2024