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Soulful Seeds: Cultivating Community Through Food and Film


Sprouts & Spice Agricultural Academy presents “Soulful Seeds,” a transformative project rooted in Raleigh, North Carolina that cultivates community connections through agriculture, food, and film. This project seeks to harness the power of food and storytelling to foster connections, and engage young people and their families in a journey of discovery promoting healthy living and celebrating cultural heritage within the deep south community.

In North Carolina, Soulful Seeds aims to address the historical trauma and enduring impact on African American communities by offering a variety of engaging activities. Through a combination of a Visual Podcast Series narrative by young people, a community event featuring interactive culinary and agricultural workshops, the project targets individuals of all ages who are eager to explore their heritage, learn about sustainable agriculture, and make positive changes in their lives and communities.

Community events will serve as vibrant gatherings. These events will feature farm to table cooking workshops, food tastings, visual podcast recordings, and interactive storytelling sessions fostering unity, empathy, and collective action. Soulful Seeds’ podcast series will feature interviews lead by young people with farmers, historians, and food system leaders exploring African American agricultural heritage’s impact on democracy.

Captured visually, these conversations provide a platform for diverse voices to share stories and allow opportunities for
reflection and dialogue, inspiring viewers to engage with their heritage and advocate for positive change.

Soul Seeds aims to promote understanding, appreciation, and collective action in a way that honors the resilience and creativity of African American communities, along with food literacy, youth empowerment, and a sense of community around food.


Updated April 2024