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Fake News Workshops. How to Stay Informed in the Post-truth Era?


Eliminating the production of fake news is difficult to obtain, as most of the solutions or punishments are viewed as limiting the freedom of speech. For this reason, Joanna Biedrzycka, a student of psychology and sociology as well as a Fellow of 2020 Humanity in Action Warsaw Fellowship/Academy of Human Rights, believes that prevention is key in this situation. That is why she is developing her Action Project on the topic of counteracting fake news.

Joanna plans to develop workshops providing high school students, people in the working-age and the elderly with theoretical and practical knowledge enabling them to work through fake news. The theoretical part would cope with such issues as propaganda and advertising techniques. The practical part would consist of video presentations and article analysis so the assignment for the participants would be to recognize as many techniques as possible. The combination of theoretical and practical training should expand participants’ consciousness and ability to distinguish between facts and altered data. Furthermore, she would like to provide the participants with ways of obtaining reliable information on a daily basis such as double-checking of sources or relying on civil information platforms.