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Flowering Marathon


In recent years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been facing exceptionally high levels of pollution, increased deforestation and very polluted air. To put it simply, BiH is facing a large number of environmental issues, which are mostly neglected due to ignorance,  misunderstanding or simply a lack of interest. The Brčko District has also been facing these issues. And as if all the mentioned challenges are not enough, the Coronavirus pandemic has made it even more difficult, so in the Brčko District the issue of polluted air and deforestation are absolutely neglected. The most devastating fact is that the educational system in the District pays little or no attention to raising awareness of environmental issues in students.

This eco-friendly community-building project initiative was developed by EDVACAY Alumna Lejla Mašić (2019/20). Lejla has been actively involved in her community for several years now and has so far initiated more that a few actions of planting trees in this town and has seen the benefits that these actions bring. Her idea behind this project initiative is to gather a group of people of all ages, from
children to older citizens of Brčko, for a one-day ‘Flowering Marathon’, during which a large amounts of flower seeds will be dispersed around the Brčko city area by the participants, especially focusing on areas which seem neglected. Apart from the flower seeds, which will mostly be scattered by the younger participants of the ‘marathon’, older participants will plant several tree seedlings and symbolically give their solemn pledge to the public that they will continue planting trees and flowers in the future and take great care of their environment. This project will result in increasing the Brčko citizens’ awareness about their existing environment and the care that it requires while bringing the community together.

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