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Heroes from the Shadow


EDVACAY Fellows Selma Čatibušić, Emir Zukić, Minja Čulić, and Haris Osmanović were inspired for their project by numerous inspirational stories they have heard about prominent young people in BiH who are contributing or have contributed to certain positive changes in the lives of other persons or in their local communities. They have composed a book of 14 personal stories gathered by interviewing the actors themselves, “selected” by their good deeds, advocacy for the community, impact they made on other persons lives etc.

Our goal is to tell stories that have never been heard before, to inspire people with these positive examples, and to point out the true values of life.

“What we are particularly proud of is the fact that each of our “heroes” in their own way works to improve life in their local community by standing firmly on the ground and clearly pointing to true, primal values that are now sadly partially forgotten, but which we have clearly highlighted in the book.”

The group aims to present the book to the general public as inspiration to other people to become new “heroes” who can have life-changing impact on others or achieve a significant change in the local community. Group was also greatly inspired by the book “Good People in an Evil Time – Portraits of Complicity and Resistance in the Bosnian War” written by Dr. Svetlana Broz (GARIWO), who they were fortunate enough to establish cooperation with, resulting in Dr. Broz being the editor of the book. The group hosted a very successful book promotion at the Faculty of Political Sciences (Uni Sarajevo), with some prominent guests and public figures.



Heroes from the Shadow

Read personal stories of good deeds, advocacy for the community, and impact made on other persons lives told by the "actors" themselves

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