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Human Rights Reality


‘Human Rights Reality’ is an innovative Action project initiative developed and implemented by a group of enthusiasts passionate about Human Rights, Democracy and Reality Shows – 2021 Sarajevo Fellowship participants Minja Čulić, Vladica Radonja and Elma Kodro.

The project gathers 5 young people coming from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina – HIA BiH Alumni Emir Zukić (EDVACAY 2018/19), Anes Hodžić (2019/20), Nikola Kandić (EDVACAY 2019/20), Kristina Gadže (EDVACAY  2020/21) and Mehmed Muradbegović, giving them a safe space to discuss various topics related to human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina while being on camera. Fellows selected as first round of discussion topics to be related to the ecology and environmental issues in BiH, as well as the LGBTQ+ rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, planning to cover other important topics in the future.

Through this format, Fellows seek to actively involve young people in the process of lobbying in policy-making and to encourage them to express freely their opinions and attitudes towards the human rights issues and topics that are current in BiH.

Human Rights Reality Video

This project is generously supported by: