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Kalendar uspjeha



This EDVACAY project aims to promote 12 “outstanding young people” from across BiH who are not necessarily famous and who have not yet made great achievements, but who are outstanding in their motivations and perseverance in their respective fields, and who have achieved extraordinary things despite the different kinds of “obstacles” they are facing within their lives. Fellows Asiya Mahmutćehajić, Davor Džakula, Ismihana Čimedžić, and Šejla Halilbegović will select and contact 12 motivating young persons from BiH to be a part of the success calendar. They will then proceed to visit all 12 young people in their local communities for an interview, which will be included in the calendar, along with a photo of each individual identified young person. The main goal of this project is to promote young people who are firmly focused on their path to success and to motivate other young people to take action and follow their own path to success. The final product of this project will be the 2023 calendar featuring these 12 young people which will be available for free download and a printed version that will be used for the promotion of the project and distributed to relevant stakeholders. The project will be promoted through various media outlets and social media.

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