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Bringing voices of workers into the Summit of the Future


In today’s contested environment, opportunities exist for workers and labor organizing spaces to inject different values into the spheres of technological influence. A playbook and mentorship program will be developed for worker organizing spaces, trade unions, and other relevant civil society organizations that explores strategies for understanding and engaging with one emerging space in the wider internet governance arena: 2024’s Summit of the Future.

To support a fairer, more equitable and inclusive 21st century economy, the project will help workers and labor organizing spaces build voice and power in internet governance coordination and policymaking bodies.

There is often a wide gulf between the service that a tech company claims to provide workers and customers and what the company tells investors makes them valuable. Workers and labor organizing spaces cannot run strategic campaigns on a corporation if they don’t know what the investors think makes them valuable.

The project will help workers and labor organizing spaces build voice and power.

By engaging in internet governance institutions, workers and labor organizing movements are able to understand this dynamic better, gaining glimpses into the directions that companies will be following, and potentially being able to make interventions to possibly restrict problematic developments.

This practical playbook will dig into Summit modalities and how to shape the agenda of the conference and identify key players and their policy priorities. It will also include tips and tricks on how to follow its workings, protocols on how to make interventions, and other actionable advice to help bring traditionally excluded voices into the Summit.


Updated November 2022

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