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High School Teachers as Fake News Busters


The aim of the project is to build upon the combined networks of current and previous Fellows, as well as Humanity in Action and Landecker foundations’ networks to gather best practices in educating for critical thinking, media literacy, and recognizing fake news. Then, the goal is to develop a concise curriculum and toolkit for high schools and train at least 300 high school teachers to use these methods.

Media literacy is increasingly becoming one of the key competencies, and it should be included in the education system as early as possible. With the tremendous progress that digital media have brought, new threats have also emerged. It is now easier than ever to produce fake news, and it is getting increasingly harder to recognize it.

The key is being aware of fake news.

This project aims to address this issue by developing a curriculum of training on media literacy and recognizing fake news for high school teachers and students. It will then compile and publish a toolkit of fact-checking methods for high school teachers. This toolkit will be used to train at least 300 teachers to deliver classes on media literacy and recognize fake news.


Updated November 2022