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Postmigrant Powerhouse – Diversifying Democracy


In the existing democratic structures in Germany, both in public office and in other positions of decision-making power, there is a blatant absence of Black People, Persons of Color, and other societal groups that are not part of the dominant White majority.

The objective of Postmigrant Powerhouse is to create spaces for these people to connect with one another and start building power. Using community organizing methods and digital tools, the project will bring together folks from different regions in Germany, living in urban and rural locations, some established activists, some just starting to look for a way to engage and bring about change.

Postmigrant Powerhouse will start off with an online listening drive and digital House Meetings to identify and outline the topics that are most urgently discussed in diverse communities. Individuals who consider starting to organize around a particular topic will be invited to an online workshop series to learn the basics of community organizing.

Postmigrant Powerhouse wants to reclaim the narrative around democratic skills and democratic practice.

They will use the method of Public Narrative: how we share our stories and craft our narratives to build community and bring about change. Digital network meet-ups will provide a space to share ideas and experiences, support each other and build relationships.

Established institutions, think tanks, and civic participation initiatives routinely depict members of certain societal groups as democratically ignorant or inept, and use the narrative of the “others” who need to be educated, convinced, and coaxed into embracing democracy.

Postmigrant Powerhouse wants to reclaim the narrative around democratic skills and democratic practice. It will provide a space where the experiences, resources, and potential of people with diverse heritages are valued. The concepts of organizing and relational leadership are rooted in the reality of diverse communities. This concept will hopefully encourage people from underestimated communities to step into their democratic power and contribute to shaping Germany’s future.


Updated November 2022

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