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Rebel Planner


Cesy’s vision is to create a toolbox for seasoned and aspiring activists, alike.

A Workbook of Ambitions

Landecker Democracy Fellow Cesy’s project, Rebel Planner, is an empowering workbook for more political engagement. Over the past two years, she has been working with amazing young individuals, teaching them about political art and democracy. Through these workshops, she has inspired participants to take action and stand up for their own political beliefs.

However, many of these youth leaders live in communities where others aren’t supportive of their actions. These environments lead to frustration and feelings of isolation. Change isn’t made in a day, so Cesy asks: how can we help them stay in training without being there?

Project Development

Cesy started researching methods and tools to fit her project. She was inspired by mindfulness training and the way workbooks are formatted for and used on a day-to-day basis. Not only does this kind of training keep people engaged, it also sells. In Germany, Ein guter Plan (a calendar and workbook for more self-love) is very successful.

Cesy is also especially interested in working with tools and techniques from coaching and mindfulness training. She believes that people, especially those invested in social or political work, need to invest in self-care. Therefore, the Rebel Planner also touches on those topics. The Rebel Planner workbook contains tips on how to create change step-by-step. It equally empowers users to take care of themselves along with our society.

The Rebel Planner will be published in German; Cesy’s target audience is youth in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Originally, Cesy intended to create the planner for youth who have participated in one of her workshops but she believes this workbook can be just as inspiring for anyone who seeks to take their first step in becoming more politically active.

Updated December 2021.