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The Humanize Project


There are many initiatives that aim at recreating policies, shaping structures and reinventing institutions but these initiatives often disregard the importance of people and the roles they play in these spaces. The problem with these approaches is that they are institution-centric, rather than person-centric. These initiatives should be reframed to encourage both institutions and the individuals who comprise them to develop pure motives to serve the societies in which they exist.

The inner qualities of service and self-awareness need to be cultivated so that changes to structures and institutions become lasting and sustainable. Ultimately, these structures and institutions are reflections of the individuals that lead them.

Project Objectives

“The power of knowing ourselves, of critically assessing our choices, and of deeply understanding the environment we create around us is underestimated.

Knowing what we really stand for enables conscious action. It is this conscious action that will reshape our democracy, structures, and institutions.”

Landecker Democracy Fellow Nasim and the Humanise Project seek to contribute to the current activation of Scotland’s wellbeing economy. The aim is to create spaces, in the shape of workshops, for young people to pause, reflect, and realign with their purpose and the change they want to make in their institutions.

The workshops will help them explore themes of self-awareness, leadership, and service through frameworks and guest speakers. These will enable them to find the tools and the voice to feel empowered to reshape the structures and institutions that surround them. The Humanise Project also aims to help young people create coherence between their words and their actions in their different spheres of life.

Participants will be tasked to apply their learnings to their day-to-day lives and share with their peer group what they’ve learned about themselves, the impact they are having, and the environments they are creating. By practicing this action- reflection approach, they will work to develop a new narrative for institutions, the economy, and education systems, to one that matches the humanity they envision.

Updated August 2022.