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Mentor for a Better Future


Campaign was implemented with the aim to raise awareness about using the benefits of non-formal education and activism by youth in Tuzla, which is known for fewer opportunities for youth engagement. Members of this group (Jovana Kljajić, Esma Osmanbegović, Denis Bartulović and Salem Suljić) divided the project in two phases.

The first phase of this program had an aim to connect students and professionals which share fields of interest through a mentorship program. 10 students and 5 professionals were paired and held their meetings at the time of their convenience. The students described these meetings as motivational, informative and inspiring.

50 percent of coupled participants continued their communication after the first meeting and some benefited directly from the information provided by mentors (received scholarships, got their first internship, got accepted for study trips etc).

In the second phase of the project, the team organized a panel discussion on the University of Tuzla about the need to involve non-formal education and activism in youth professional development. Around 20 students attended the panel where three panelists from different branches (formal education, non-formal education & activism) presented current state of formal education in Tuzla Canton and the need to tie it up and complement it with non-formal education and activist engagement of youth.

This project is generously supported by: