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Right Choice, Right Student


“Right Choice, Right Student” had an aim of introducing new campaigning practices when electing the leadership of student associations at the University of Sarajevo. Group members (Ilma Aljović, Nađa Huković, Milana Marinović, Tin Marković, and Matej Vrebac) at the very beginning analyzed relevant legal acts and made a proposal on how and which newly envisioned practices should be incorporated in the work of student associations.

A comparative analysis on student campaigning practices in USA and UK was also made. As a next step they started intensive promotional campaign and launched the survey among students of University of Sarajevo in order to get their feedback on current and proposed electoral regulations. 90 percent of questioned students thought that given proposal will animate students and help in electing student leadership in a more transparent way.

The group decided to implement the pilot project at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, aiming to include the proposed changes in their statute. They organized educational lectures about principles of running student associations, for students of this Faculty. During two days they also organized petition in order to gain student support and legitimacy for their activities. At the end their proposal was included in the statute of student association of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo where they also organized a public panel to promote proposal to other student associations on the University. Proposal was sent to all student leaders that didn’t attend the panel. The project also received great support from the biggest and most read student portal Studomat. Based on published articles and WOM, this group got few inquiries for help in introducing and implementing proposal, including the one from the Dean and the Student Association of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Faculty in Travnik.

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