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Say NO to Prejudice


Civic camapaign “Say NO to Prejudice” had the aim of decresing prejudice and stereotypes of young people based on (among others) name, nationality, language, and to connect young people from different backgrounds by organizing two anti-prejudice workshops led by experts in the field.

The project team (Matea Jevrić, Mahir Sijamija, Nina Došenović, and Sanel Tufekčić) held the first anti-prejudice workshop at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, where they gathered 14 young people – students from different fields and different regions across BiH and abroad. The second anti-prejudice workshop took place at the United World College premises in Mostarand engaged 15 young people studying in Mostar.

“Sarajevo and Mostar are multi-cultural cities and are also physically divided, where the division itself created many prejudices and stereotypes that we need to break. We are aware that one workshop will not break the prejudices with which have been brought up, but it is certainly good to talk about it and raise awareness among young people, because it is young people who are the future bearers of change in Bosnia and Herzegovina. ”

The workshop included topics such as stereotypes, discrimination, prejudice, their development and impact, and how to mitigate and change them.

Every participant of workshops was surveyed on their level of prejudice and stereotypes before and after the workshops and the feedback was positive showing that participants managed to at least a certain extent reduce their conscious or subconscious prejudice and were very satisfied with both the content and the organization of both workshops.

  • Participants of workshop in Sarajevo
  • Activities of workshop in Mostar

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