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The NET Mentoring Group


While attending college, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Jamal Grant witnessed first hand the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) achievement gap and the education disparities between minorities and many of their white counterparts. This inspired Jamal to further his knowledge of the education system and strive to improve it.

Jamal founded The NET Mentoring Group, a Boston-based non-profit whose purpose is to eradicate the STEM gap by addressing both the systemic and social factors that contribute to the achievement and opportunity gap. They provide students with tutoring, mentoring, STEM programming, and connecting them to existing resources in Boston. The NET Mentoring Groups works tirelessly, developing curriculums, recruiting mentors, and spreading the word about the organization to build social awareness, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

The NET Mentoring Group
Screenshot form The NET Mentoring Group Website

The NET Mentoring Group provides students with tutoring, mentoring, STEM programming and connects them to existing resources in Boston.

In the coming years, Jamal plans to expand the program and recruit new students and organizations to get involved, broadening their online network of Boston resources. The hope is by socially and academically educating the youth, they will grow into successful leaders in STEM and understand the importance of their own role in uplifting the communities.