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Become a Fellow in our Danish delegation and learn about human rights and social justice challenges in the United States, Sarajevo, Berlin/Amsterdam or Copenhagen.

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As a part of the year-long Fellowship, our Fellows first participate in a virtual OPening Program for all Fellows in June and then in an intensive in-person three-week educational program providing a country and context-specific curriculum that examines historical and contemporary challenges to human rights, pluralism and equality. After the Fellowship, they embark on developing civil society initiatives in their own communities.

The Fellowship comes with an ongoing training program to help Fellows implement their Action Projects, to continue collaborative learning and to keep in touch with their peers and the international Fellows’ community. These meetings will not exceed 2.5 hours.


Participation in our Fellowship programs are free of charge.


What We Offer

Our programs offer an opportunity to learn about the different nationally-relevant themes illuminated by diverse experts, site visits, individual presentations by the Fellows, and group discussions.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to look closely at the programs of previous years to get a sense of the daily rhythms and foci of the programs. While these programs are not designed to develop advocacy skills, it is our experience that the educational experience will provide the intellectual foundation through which future civic engagement can grow.

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In 2022, the Copenhagen Fellowship focuses especially on the Unity of the Realm (Rigsfællesskabet) and Human Rights: How are issues of climate change, geopolitics, and an increasing focus on Denmark’s colonial past, shaping the future for the people of the Arctic region?

2022 Fellowship dates:

In 2022, Denmark-based applicants may apply to the Copenhagen, the Sarajevo, the European, and the Mapping Inequities Fellowships.


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