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Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19 Humanity in Action was forced to rethink our Fellowship concept. This meant that the Fellowships in Atlanta, Warsaw, Berlin, and Amsterdam all went virtual in 2020.

In Denmark, Humanity in Action was in the furtunate position to be able to conduct an on-site and in-person Fellowship in Copenhagen in August 2020 for 22 international Fellows.

Dive into the 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship four-week program below.

The 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship delved into the complex issues of Unity of the Danish Realm through the lens of human rights.


Learn more about what our 2020 Copenhagen Fellows went through in August 2020. View the 2020 Cph Program Booklet here.


The Copenhagen Pre-Fellowship

From June 3 – June 8, 2020, the 22 Copenhagen Fellows joined the entire international cohort for a virtual pre-fellowship. All 125 international Fellows engaged in an amazing worldwide online community building session stretching over several days.

“It was special to be part of a large international cohort who were geographically spread all over the world but shared the passion to make this world a better place.” Patricia Petersen, 2020 Cph Fellow.

2020 Cph Fellow Patricia Petersen. Meet Patricia here.

The International Pre-Fellowship investigated topics such as “Health and Social Justice – The Case of Covid-19, “The Structure of Settler-Colonialism in the US”, “Black Europe and the Cultural Politics of Citizenship”, “Self-Determination, Sovereignty & Resistance Today”, “WWII, Holocaust and Genocide”, and “Looking Beyond the Gender Binary”, to name just a few of the sessions. The Fellows also investigated ways of online community building and how to take action on matters close to their hearts.

Speakers from many different countries and walks of life enlightened both Fellows and staff and sparked intense, dynamic and inspiring discussions that streched beyond the screen. And touched many of us with their passion and commitment. Most, if not all, fellows as well as staff were surprised by the power of the community and the bonds that were created despite the great physical distance and the screens between us.

“The pre-fellowship experience was beyond expectations. Even though we were/are living through strange times, there was a unique energy within the pre-fellowship that was both inspiring and encouraging, and that made me find peace within the uncertainty of the state of our world.” Patricia Petersen, 2020 Cph Fellow.

Meet some of our Pre-Fellowship Speakers

Our renowned speakers come with a wide range of backgrounds and love to share their knowledge and perspectives with our Fellows and community.

The Copenhagen Fellowship: Unity of the Realm and Human Rights

The 2020 Copenhagen Fellows, visiting and bonding at Ungdomsøen (Youth Island), Augsut 2020

On august 10, 2020, all Copenhagen Fellows met for the first time in person at our main Fellowship location: Demokrati Garage in the North West part of Copenhagen.

The 22 Fellows – although all residing in Denmark or Greenland at the time – represented 10 different nationalities.

In Denmark, the Unity of the Realm refers to the relationship between Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which are collectively known as The Danish Realm.  

For the first time in Humanity in Action Denmark’s history, the Copenhagen Fellowship focussed on the special theme: Unity of the Realm and Human Rights.

The relationship between Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands has been changing rapidly. Climate change, growing global interests in the Arctic, and the increasing focus on Denmark’s colonial past are shaping new possibilities for the future of these three countries. These developments create an urgent need for enlightened and democratic conversations on these relationships and its potential new reality. However, many people in Denmark, let alone abroad, know little to nothing about this social and political union and its implications for the people living within it.

Together with experts, Human Rights advocates, journalists, historians, politicians and activists, the Fellowship examined the union’s long and complex history from a human rights perspective, and the relationship of the majority in Denmark with the country’s minorities across the North Atlantic.

2020 Cph Fellow Malthe Gronert. Meet Malthe here.

>> “The Unity of the Danish Realm was a brave topic to choose for our program. To many people the name doesn’t ring a bell, and it is not a topic that gains much traction outside political and academic circles. Having completed the program, I have become aware of how necessary and urgent it is that we discuss this matter. The facts presented were staggering, the stories told were incredibly touching, and together this provided us with valuable insights into the complex history and relationship between Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.” Malthe Gronert, 2020 Cph Fellow.

Introducing the 2020 Fellows’ podcast series: Stories from the Unity of the Realm.

For the first time in the Copenhagen Fellowship’s history all the Fellows produced a podcast during their three weeks in Copenhagen. With only limited time, ressources and technical equipment and assistance, all Fellows managed to take a Fellowship theme and bring it to life through the medium of a podcast.

2020 Cph Fellow Malik Hansen. Meet Malik here.

“I hope that one day, programs such as that facilitated by the Humanity in Action CPH, will be the doors through which wise and open-minded youth will be able to pass through to a more understanding and peaceful world, that will encompass everyone in true equal respect and honor.” Malik Hansen, 2020 Cph Fellow


Fellows on a colonial tour of Copenhagen, in front of the statue “I am Queen Mary”.

The 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship is developed in cooporation with:


  • Greenland Representation in Denmark/Kalaallit Nunaata Siniisoqarfia
  • The Representation of the Faroes in Copenhagen/Sendistova Føroya í Keypmannahavn
  • Institute for Human Rights, Copenhagen
  • The Raoul Wallenberg institute for Human Rights, Lund


Our Fellowship Supporters in 2020

We thank our supporters and partners, host families, Senior Fellows and friends of Humanity in Action. These contributions help to prepare outstanding students for a lifelong commitment to civic responsibility and the promotion of human rights.

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