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Senior Fellows

The Humanity in Action Senior Fellows are the core of Humanity in Action.

The Humanity in Action Senior Fellows are the core of Humanity in Action. Our community encompasses around 200 emerging leaders in Denmark. They form a strong network of people who, with courage and responsibility, take social change into their own hands.

Once a Fellow has completed their Action Project, they automatically become a Senior Fellow and have access to the Senior Fellow Network. This network is not limited to Germany but now consists of more than 2,000 young change agents worldwide, who continue to inspire and connect with each other. Through this network, Senior Fellows find internships, work and research opportunities, as well as moments of professional collaboration. After over 20 years, this network continues to make a visible difference in all levels of society. As members of the Senior Fellow Network, you will carry out the mission of Humanity in Action and put the ideals of Humanity in Action into practice.

A strong and far-reaching network

As a Senior Fellow, there are many opportunities available to you– from jobs, internships, courses, continuing education and to so much more. The network covers political and financial centers around the world, allowing them to find mentors and be challenged on knowledge and attitudes. Humanity in Action works to inform, connect and empower young people across identity and background to create the foundation for an empathic, open and productive international community.

Already a Senior Fellow?

Learn more about international opportunities available to Humanity in Action alumni. From conferences to professional academies. Read about the opportunities after the program

Become a Fellow

Every year, new Humanity in Action Fellows come together in six cities across Europe and the United States to study how and why people resist intolerance and protect democratic values.

01 Year duration

06 Cities

150 Fellows per year