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Museum of Jewish Heritage Organizes Screening of the "Traces" animated trilogy


The Museum of Jewish Heritage and Humanity in Action are happy to invite you to a special screening of the animated short trilogy, Traces: Portraits of Resistance, Survival and Resolve, followed by a talk and Q&A with Peter and David Hein, protagonists of My Father’s War, and Judith Goldstein, Founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action.

The screening will take place online on Sunday, September 18, 2022 at 1:00pm EDT.

Viewers from all countries are welcomed at the online event! Registration is free; a donation of $10 is suggested.

>> Watch the full talk on YouTube


Seventy-seven years after the fall of Nazi Germany, the Holocaust stands as a staggering crime against humanity, and the world continues to grapple with the deep void of the millions of souls lost. Yet, in the face of unfathomable horror, fleeting moments of bravery and generosity remind us of our capacity for courage and compassion even under the most harrowing circumstances.

As we push deeper into the 21st century, humanity faces an inflection point: the last survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and the Second World War leave us, taking with them their personal memories of one of humanity’s darkest chapters. It is incumbent upon us to safeguard their stories and lessons learned at such tremendous expense.

The Traces trilogy brings three such histories to life and to new audiences. 

The Traces trilogy includes the films Voices in the Void, Two Trees in Jerusalem and My Father’s War.

After the film

The film will be followed by a Q&A with:

> Protagonists of My Father’s War Peter Hein and David Hein

> Humanity in Action’s Executive Director and co-executive producer of the Traces  Trilogy Judith Goldstein.


Peter Hein was an associate professor in obstetrics and gynecology until his retirement. Since then he has been a guest speaker, writer and sculptor. As a Jewish child he was hidden in the Netherlands during WWII, as were his parents. He wrote the books The sixth year about his own hiding and the first year after the liberation and The hiding, on the dramatic hiding of his parents.

David Hein is the Head of the Defense Office of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC), an international court in The Hague tasked with adjudicating cases concerning international crimes committed in Kosovo before, during and after the war there. Previously he worked as legal officer at the War Crimes Chambers in Sarajevo, about this and about growing up in the shadow of his father’s Peter trauma, he wrote the novel A war to call my own.

Dr. Judith S. Goldstein is the founder and executive director of Humanity in Action, Inc. and executive producer of the Traces Trilogy. She holds a PhD in history from Columbia University, where she worked for 10 years focused on an oral history project on Ethnic Groups and American Foreign Policy. Judith worked as the Executive Director of Thanks To Scandinavia, started by the Danish pianist Victor Borge to acknowledge Scandinavians who resisted Nazism and protected Jews during the Second World War. In 1997, Judith founded Humanity in Action and has served as its Executive Director ever since. Programs have included fellowships and internships in Europe and the United States, annual publications, photography exhibitions, films, and conferences. Over 23 years the organization has engaged over 2,500 college and university students in its programs and raised over $31 million. Judith serves on the Board of the The Frances Perkins Foundation and the Somes Pond Center, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

The talk will be moderated by Sydney Yaeger, Public Programs Coordinator at the Museum of Jewish Heritage  – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. Sydney holds a B.A. in History and Theatre Arts and an M.A. in Museum Studies from New York University. She is currently enrolled in the History M.A. program at NYU.

Watch the post-screening talk: