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A new series of inspirational meetings with Humanity in Action Senior Fellows about activism, leadership and social change!



In March 2021, as part of the Humanity in Action Poland network, we have launched a series of inspiring on-line meetings with Senior Fellows who are active and have considerable achievements in various sectors of social and professional life in Poland! Together we want to create a space where we can share good activist practices, inspire and motivate each other to action. Meeting other Senior Fellows is also an opportunity to strengthen our activist network, a community of people who are not indifferent to social issues.

To date, we have hosted three Senior Fellows who work in a variety of professional and activist circles.

Inga Hajdarowicz (Berlin Fellowship 2016), sociologist and activist, talked about her work with Syrian refugee women in Lebanon and the ethical dilemmas she has grappled with in her PhD ethnographic research. How to work with trauma survivors to avoid retraumatization? How to resist universalizing and romanticizing the common female experience? How to transmit knowledge so as not to impose your own understanding of feminism or equality? In her presentation, Inga raised many important issues about activism, allyship and the practice of solidarity.

The starting point for the meeting with Dr Kamil Mamak (Warsaw Fellowship 2012) – lawyer, philosopher and new technologies enthusiast – was his recently published book “Philosophy of punishment anew”. Inspired by Kamil’s presentation, we debated not only alternative, more just and appropriate forms of punishments, but also how we can reconsider punitive justice altogether. There was also the issue of regulation of social media platforms in the context of the fight against fake news and ubiquitous hate online.

With our latest guest, Nina Gabryś (Warsaw Fellowship 2015), a politician and activist, we talked about the realities of local community building and the role of women in politics. Nina is the Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Krakow for Equal Policies and the Chairperson of the Equal Treatment Council, but before she entered politics, she had been active on social issues for years. Thanks to such projects as the “May of Equality” and “Women of Krakow: the strength of the city!”, Nina has introduced a more equal and inclusive approach within local government structures, showing that a different policy is possible.

We invite all Senior Fellows, as well as friends of Humanity in Action Poland for next meetings! Stay tuned!