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Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks



Published in 2014, Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks is an anthology of written works by Judith Goldstein, the Founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action. In this collection, Goldstein explores the central themes of Humanity in Action and its educational programming: human rights, the Second World War and the Holocaust, diversity, religious freedom, race relations, civil society and the arts. This book compiles a total of nine short pieces that appeared in journals and at conferences from 2003 to 2014.

Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks is available for purchase as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. Humanity in Action provides the individual research essays free of charge in the Knowledge & Action section of its website.

Table of Contents


“The Myth of Anne Frank”

“Alone with Charlotte Salomom”

“Reflections on Humanity in Action”

“The Presence of the Past: Confronting the Nazi State and Jim Crow”

“Jan Karski and Stefan Zweig”

“The Flight and Rescue of Danish Jewry”

“The Journal of Helene Berr”

“Religion and Human Rights in Europe”

“Diplomacy and Diversity”

Humanity in Action- Collected Essays and Talks