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Judy Goldstein's Remarks from March 2024 celebratory event




Judith Goldstein


22 March 2024


New York, NY






On March 22, Humanity in Action held a celebratory event honoring our founder Judy Goldstein, her 26 years of distinguished leadership, and all that the organization has accomplished. Below are Judy’s remarks to the attendees at the event:

“Many thanks for sharing this moment and your many kind words. This is really a celebration of the fellowship—the unique Humanity in Action fellowship which has embraced over 3,000 actual Fellows and hundreds of board members, staff, lecturers in the many programs over 27 years and of course, generous donors—some of whom fit into all these categories.

The Fellowship is an ideal—it is aspirational. The intention is to build an international community of people focused on democracy, pluralism and human rights. This is the driving force in the many programs.

The programs have navigated enormous challenges over the years…

It has been a huge success, far beyond the initial ideas and vision. The programs have navigated enormous challenges over the years: changes in international affairs and concepts as well as understandings of history, religion, race, identity, education, equity and several wars—Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and now the tragic events in Israel and Gaza.

This is such important but difficult work—more so today than any time in the past 2 decades. Understanding the present crisis since October 7th will take the work that Humanity in Action was designed to meet. I would not be honest if I failed to say that leaving the organization now—with its current anguishing challenges—is not easy. To sustain Humanity in Action educational ideals will take courage, rigorous inquiries and vision on the part of the Fellows who now carry its promise and responsibilities–and the capacities to convince funders that it is worth their investment.

The vibrance and longevity of the organization is based on vision as well as on friendships.

One looks to the Fellows to take on that challenge in ways that will fulfill the original goals—now more important than ever. The vibrance and longevity of the organization is based on vision as well as on friendships—friendships that have even led to marriage, partnerships and babies. I  want to be very clear that we claim them as Humanity in Action babies! The eldest in Denmark is now 11 years old.

May I extend my gratitude to you today for these friendships, many of which I have been fortunate to share, and the confidence that you inspire in having acted upon the ideals of Humanity in Action.”