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John Lewis Fellows Reflective Essays 2017



In 2017, Humanity in Action published a collection of reflections written by the 2017 John Lewis Fellows. In the essays, the Fellows write about their experiences in the John Lewis program, delving into personal aspects of their own identities – such as national, ethnic, gender, racial or religious – and reveal ways in which participation in the program has shaped their personal outlooks and perspectives on democracy and diversity. In the essays, the John Lewis Fellows also provide intellectual and personal responses – reactions and aspirations – in regard to the subjects and speakers presented throughout the program.

These essays focus on the exploration of Atlanta’s history and contemporary social justice issues prevalent in pluralistic societies. These compositions were a requisite component for completion of the 2017 John Lewis Fellowship.

To read, click on each of the essays below or download the booklet here.

Table of Contents

Professor Tanya Washington, John Lewis Fellowship Director

1960 Appeal for Human Rights

Assuming the Voice of the Georgia Governor in 1960, The 2017 John Lewis Fellows Respond to an Appeal for Human Rights
the 2017 John Lewis Fellows

The New Appeal for Human Rights

Fellows’ Collective Critiques of the 2017 Appeal for Human Rights
the 2017 John Lewis Fellows

Fellows’ Program Essay

Transgressing the Colonial State: On Diverse Strategies, their Dangers, and the Power of Healing
Roberto Flores

Zelma Feldman

Restorative Justice: Knowledge, Empowerment, and Resistance
Adam Flaherty Cohen

A People’s History of Atlanta: An Appeal
Alex Mabanta

How People Can Change Your Life and Make the Best Music in Your World of Silence
Alma Mujanović

Filling Ditches and Lifting Burdens
Arlette Hernandez

Reflection Essay
Beau Revlett

Reflection Essay
Chandra Dikey

Reflection Essay
Darriel McBride

Moving on for Social Justice
David Werdermann

The (Im)Possibility of the Restorative Justice: The Example of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ehilmana Memisevic

When Those Confederate Flags Rise Up High
Eliza Rutynowska

Countering Dominant Native American Narratives and Re-Imagining Community Development
Emily McDonnell

Esra Karakaya

Chasing Transformation: Reimagining Human Rights Spaces through Relationships
Hope Anderson

Bullhorns and Dimes
Ian Fields Stewart

Jaz Buckley

Jordanos Kiros

A Month of Perspectives
Konstantinos Koukos

Back To Earth
Lila Murphy

Reflection Essay
Mairi Markaki

Parallel Realities
Malgorzata Hermanowicz

Criticism and Conversation
Pedro Miguel Monque Lopez

Time and Justice
Priyanka Menon

The Journey Across the Atlantic
Rukhsar Asif

How Honest Do We Want to Be? A Journey through my Human
Sabiha Kapetanovic

A Change is Gonna Come: Understanding Restorative Justice Through the Past and Present Realities of Atlanta
Sara A. Osman

Subversive Storytelling: Meditations on Memory, Imagination, and Restorative Justice
Seung Hyun Chung

Reflections on John Lewis Fellowship 2017
Simone Zalla Aumaj

Reflection Essay
Trey Walk


Poem by Hope Anderson

Because I Knew You
Hope Anderson