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Perspectives Magazine Vol I
Perspectives Magazine Vol I

Humanity in Action is pleased to share the release of PERSPECTIVES, a magazine of articles authored by Senior Fellows and other writers close to the organization.

The three issues of PERSPECTIVES provide a rich set of research, opinion articles and interviews that are at the center of the organization’s work. Humanity in Action invited its community to discuss the most complex challenges of democracy and pluralistic aspirations, largely in regards to migration and integration.

Several of the featured articles derive from the Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship, a three year initiative which concluded in 2016. In its final year, the program took place in Washington DC, Berlin and Warsaw. It brought together 24 American and European graduate students for an intense and intellectually challenging program on international relations and global diversity. Each participant was asked to conduct research and write an article drawing upon the themes of their program. We are proud to share a selection of these articles with this new publication.

With PERSPECTIVES, Humanity in Action seeks to invite its community of Senior Fellows and others interested in these issues to discuss the enduring complexities of democracy and pluralism.

The first issue of PERSPECTIVES was released in Berlin in June 2017 at the Eighth Annual Humanity in Action International Conference, the annual gathering of Humanity in Action Fellows, Senior Fellows, Board members, friends and partner organizations. Featuring articles that seek to challenge some of the negative rhetoric in discourses about migration and integration, the first issue is now available for download here.

The second issue of PERSPECTIVES was released November 20, 2017 and is available for download here.

The third issue of PERSPECTIVES was released May 29, 2018 and is available for download here.

Table of Contents

Volume I

“On Migration: Historical Reflections for New Perspectives”
Judith Goldstein

“The EU-Turkey Agreement: Erecting Barriers on Our Borders and in Our Minds”
Hanya Riedl

“(Mis)Representation: Unraveling the Narrative of Immigrants As Contemporary Economic Threats”
Jennifer Kuklenski

Volume II

“The Plight of Unaccompanied Child Migrants: United States and European Union Asylum Policies and Effects on the Most Vulnerable Population”
Lizbeth Arias

“(Re)Defining Integration: The Case of Spain”
Jessica Tollette

“Europe’s Migrant Reception Crisis, Eastern Europe’s ‘Crisis of Shame’”
An interview with Konstanty Gebert conducted on May 17, 2017 by Senior Fellow David Liebers

Volume III

“Emerging Algorithms, Borders, and Belonging”
Renata Barreto-Montenegro

“Out-DATA-ed: Untracked Testimony of Sexual and Gender Diversity Discrimination in the European Union”
Andreas Holzinger

From #MeToo to #WithoutMe: How French Elites Led the Country to Turn Its Back on Women
Ndeye Diobaye on #MeToo in France

“Not My Cup of Tea”
Anne van den Bergh on #MeToo in the Netherlands

“Pushing Past the Trending Hashtag”
Roberto Flores on #MeToo in the United States

“#MeToo Under the Threat of Nationalism”
Sylwia Vargas on #MeToo in Poland