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On People with Disabilities



What would happen if Hermiona Granger was a girl with a disability? Why is disability so rarely discussed in terms of diversity? And who are people with disabilities?

As a way of celebrating the International Day of People with Disabilities (3 December) Humanity in Action Poland has published the new book entitled „On People with Disabilities” in its popular interactive book series.

People with Disabilities constitute the largest minority in the world. And yet, their socio-cultural invisibility and economic exclusion is off the charts. Unfortunately, those issues often fall through the cracks, even within the realms of human rights education and activism.

Humanity in Action Poland has systematically taken up this topic in its programs and has made the inclusion of people with disabilities a priority in its work.

The latest publication is a continuation of those efforts. In order to bust myths and stereotypes about people with disabilities as well as to inspire others to become engaged allies, this interactive book has been created in cooperation and consultation with people with disabilities.

This is the first book of its kind in Polish. Shortly after its publication, it has been meet with very positive feedback from the Polish movement of people with disabilities.

Though its main target group are young people, the publication is developed in a way that can be engaging and intriguing for people of all ages. The e-book is available free of charge, print versions of the book have been distributed to over 100 libraries across Poland.

To learn more about the book in Polish, visit this page.

To download the e-Book (in Polish), scroll down.

On People with Disabilities

Download the e-Book free of charge