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The New Generation Voices - Future of Democracy



In the New Generation Voices series, the Bertelsmann Foundation in partnership with Humanity in Action Germany has created a collection of digital animations portraying how young Germans and Americans see common global challenges and how the future can be shaped best by working together.

In a politically charged climate exacerbated by a deadly pandemic, fake news and conspiracy theories are on the rise. A profound disinterest in the fact-based pursuit of information combined with unreliable social media posts and word of mouth rumors undermine an informed decision-making process.

The fourth and final episode, narrated by Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Maria Krayem, explores precisely this – the future of democracy.

As the episode highlights, we must promote a healthy democratic culture based on facts, mutual respect and coexistence in order to build the foundations for democracy that are resilient and deliver for all members of society.

This animation is part of the Wunderbar Together 2021 initiative that aims to promote the importance of robust German-American relations. Wunderbar Together 2021 is a comprehensive and collaborative initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and implemented by the Goethe-Institut.