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2019-2020 Humanity in Action Activity Report



Humanity in Action is proud to present its 2019-2020 Activity Report. This international report features a selection of activities from each National Office as well as programs that were collaboratively implemented internationally.

The current pandemic has impacted nearly all communities. Humanity in Action was not exempt. Despite its challenges, we successfully [adapted our programs to] virtual platforms, where we have connected and discussed the most pressing social justice issues of our time.

We are proud that in 2019 and 2020 we engaged Fellows, Senior Fellows, and the wider public in a gamut of different programmatic approaches to enrich democracy, pluralism, and human rights. From Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ongoing EDVACAY training programs to Denmark’s “Coffee and Talk” series, from Germany’s new partnership with Goethe University Frankfurt/Main for the Berlin Fellowship to The Netherlands’ HIA Junior initiative, from Poland’s publications of their interactive books to the US’s webinar series, Humanity in Action’s National Offices continue to innovate and inspire. Internationally, our offices have collaborated closely on a variety of projects including the Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship. In partnership with the Alfred Landecker Foundation, the Fellowship brings together diverse leaders who are reimagining democratic spaces in the times of COVID-19.
We are indebted to the Humanity in Action staff who have organized and managed this critical work with confidence, creativity, and flexibility. We are grateful to all the National Boards who guide us in realizing our mission and vision. We extend our utmost gratitude to our funders who trust in our work. We thank all who are on this journey with us and cannot wait to continue growing, educating, and connecting in the coming years.