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Senior Fellow Giving Campaign



In 2020, COVID-19 affected us all in some way. During these tumultuous times marked by loss, mourning, dislocation, and anxiety for so many of us, we remain in awe of the resilience our Senior Fellows and 2020 Fellows have shown. Though 2020 was a year filled with hardship, grief, and uncertainty, it was also filled with innovation, strength, and digital connection. We are inspired by the meaningful work so many Senior Fellows. Many have directly addressed COVID-19 and the inequities this pandemic has amplified. We hope to continue supporting and engaging with these incredible individuals and their projects in 2021.


Programming will include a new webinar series, the 2021 Racial Equity Grant, and, if we achieve our fundraising goals, a virtual conference for Senior Fellows


This past summer, we improvised and experimented with our annual Fellowship program, running it virtually for the first time. We engaged 120 new Fellows for three weeks of inspiring guest speakers, virtual site visits, and rich conversations about pressing human rights issues. This fall, we have also been running virtual monthly workshops that guide Fellows through the action planning process. For our Senior Fellows, we hosted a webinar series, live sessions, and community meetings to process current events. We granted four Detroit Professional Fellowships; launched the Racial Equity Grants, awarded to four Senior Fellows; and continued our partnerships with the Bertelsmann Foundation on the How To Fix Democracy series. This fall, we launched a new Fellowship program in partnership with the Alfred Landecker Foundation—the 2020-2021 Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship brings together 30 young professional leaders who are reimagining democratic spaces in their communities.

Looking ahead to 2021, we are planning new programs for our Senior Fellow community including a webinar series, the 2021 Racial Equity Grant, and, if we reach our fundraising goals, a virtual conference for Senior Fellows. We hope you will support us in achieving our fundraising goals so that we can continue to grow and strengthen our Humanity in Action community.


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December 29th Update:

Thanks to your support, we have already raised $14,482! We need $5,518 more to reach our goal. Donate now to support your Senior Fellow community and programming for next year! Click here to donate now.