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Alexander Busold receives the 2021 Alumni Achievement Award



Alexander Busold and Laura Franke received the 2021 Alumni Achievement Award from the Hertie School as the speakers of the Her.Tietz Initiative. The awardees were selected and presented by the Alumni Council and thus the Hertie alumni community. Alexander founded the Her.Tietz Initiative one year after his graduation from the Hertie School in 2017. The Her.Tietz Initiative is committed to an open handling of the Nazi history of Hertie, an active commemoration of the victims of the Shoah, and to fighting Antisemitism today.

One of their biggest achievements is, that in November 2020 the Hertie Foundation commissioned the Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte (Business History Society) to conduct a comprehensive and historical study on the “aryanization” of Hermann Tietz and antisemitic repressions against the Tietz family. The “aryanization” of Hermann Tietz, later Hertie, is part of the history of the Hertie-Foundation, because its endowment originates from the Hertie company. The independent study will be done by Dr. Johannes Bähr and PD Dr. Ingo Köhler with a focus on the period from 1933 onward and will be published as a book-length project by the end of 2022.

The full announcement of the 2021 Hertie School’s Alumni Achievement Award can be found here.