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"Getriebene" by Armin Wühle



Senior Fellow Armin Wühle has written the novel “Getriebene,” which was recently published on February 20, 2021 by Marix Verlag. The novel depicts the city of Thikro, which has been widely destroyed during a siege, and has evolved into a tourist attraction after the end of the war. The story centers around Vincent, a reporter who travels to Thikro to write about war tourism, Cora, a development aid worker, and Milo, an interpreter who lived through the war. The novel tells of past horrors, hopes for the future, contradictions, and the price of our ideals.

“Getriebene” was deeply influenced by his Humanity in Action Sarajevo Fellowship in 2016 and by further journalistic investigation he undertook in Lebanon in 2017.

After publication, Armin presented his book in an online reading. You can watch the reading here (in German) or listen to it as a podcast here (in German).

You can read more about Armin’s novel here (in German).

"Getriebene" - The reading