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Seeing with poverty



Classism describes discrimination based on social origin. It is directed against people from the poor or working classes. It affects life expectancy and limits access to housing, education, health care, and recognition. With Solidarisch gegen Klassismus (With Solidarity against Classism), Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Francis Seeck and Brigitte Theißl compile the first German-language anthology on anti-classicism.

Some people confuse the historical art epoch “classicism,” with “classism” which makes clear that the term “classism” is still little known compared to sexism or racism. This article points out how important this book is and that there is no need to be afraid of that classism wants to replace the concept of class. The anthology deliberately focuses on personal stories and shows that it is important to see experiences through a different point of view.

Read the full article from der Freitag here (in German).