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Hany Tea's Fall 2022 Performances



In the fall of 2022, Senior Fellow Hany is taking part in multiple events and projects.

Since September 15, Hany is Istanbul with The Mis(s)placed Women? community to carry out multiple performances. Mis(s)placed Women? by Tanja Ostojić, an exhibition that reflects upon a collaborative art project initiated by the artist in 2009. Consisting of performances, workshops, and an online platform, Mis(s)placed Women? includes contributions by over 170 individuals from six continents – Individuals who largely identify as women from diverse backgrounds.

Hany Tea, together with the other participants, will “embody and enact some of everyday life’s activities that thematize displacement, and deal with issues of migration, gender equality, climate change, feminism, queerness, gentrification, inclusion, accessibility, power relations, and vulnerability, particularly as it relates to female and transgender bodies,” the program explains.

While investigating privilege by distinguishing between working mobility, forced or desired migration, and how arbitrary laws apply to moving bodies, the project further explores “diverse public spaces and the invisibility of certain groups within them, using feminist emancipatory methodologies and artistic and community-building practices.”

  • The performance at Depo Istanbul started on the 15th September and will continue until 30th October 2022.

Hany Tea will also will participate in the Independent Performing Arts in Dialogue, on 14th and 15th October, as a follow up to their participation to The Mutating Kinship Lab. The event will take place at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin.

Through an open and performative dialogue format, Hany will enter into a polylogue with the other participants.

  • For more information about the performances, click here.