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Jasamin's analysis of literature on Afghanistan



In the summer of 2021, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan caused great levels of fear, sadness and confusion across the globe. Many authors and academics have attempted to help the public gain a better grasp on understanding the conflict there and to explain why this was such a pivotal time in Afghanistan’s history.

Jasamin Ulfat-Seddiqzai has highlighted some helpful literature on the topic and has reviewed multiple books. She analyzes the books in terms of their level of cynicism, factual references, various perspectives that they present, and uses the authors’ backgrounds to understand their thoughts.

She provides thought-provoking insights into the author’s perspectives, questioning their controversial positions. On the other hand, she praises their efforts to clearly explain the complex history of Afghanistan, while not oversimplifying it. The reviews also discuss the implications of the collapse of the Afghan government on the region, the citizens of Afghanistan, and in the international relations realm. The topics of selected books range from political-centered analyses to more personal gender-focused stories.

To read more in-depth or listen about the books Jasamin has reviewed, visit the Deutschlandfunk Kultur webpage (in German).