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I am Afro Greek: Black portraiture in Greece



Senior Fellow Kafilat Adeola Naomi Aderemi is the film creator of “I am Afro Greek: Black portraiture in Greece.” The project is presented by State of Concept through the exhibition “Kapwani Kiwanga: Deposits.”

Over the last years, Aderemi has been researching the role of language in self-determination and identity. In 2018, driven by the ethnic term Afro-Greek, she, along with Jackie Abhulimen, embarked on a project to interview Afro-Greek citizens and denizens. The interviews sought to bring light to their ideas of racism, identity and nation building.

The film was screened on the 20th of January on Facebook and was followed by a discussion with Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí, Jerome Kaluta and Jessica Anosike:

For more information about the event and film, visit State of Concept’s website.

In May 2022, Contemporary And published an interview with Adeola in which she discusses “I am Afro Greek,” but also her work as an artist and future projects. The interview by Jody Adwoa Pinkrah is available in English on this Contemporary And page.

Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí, ‘I am Afro Greek: Black portraiture in Greece, film still, 2021. Courtesy the artist. Retrieved from Contemporary And.