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Documentary on How New York's Chinatown is Adapting to Change



Senior Fellow Jacob Fertig, along with Carin Leong and Madeline Chen created a new mini documentary titled Year of the Ox. This film is about “the next generation” of New York’s Chinatown. The children who grew up in the neighborhood are harnessing technology, such as e-commerce and social media, to help revive the neighborhood. The old bustling Chinatown has been hit hard by the coronavirus, having to deal with both the pandemic and the rise in Sinophobia. The neighborhood, which is densely populated by a lot of low income and immigrant families, has been devastated by coronavirus, with many family owned businesses and storefronts shutting down.

The film Year of the Ox describes the younger generation of Chinatown and their efforts to revive and save the community.

View the film here.

Jacob is the Co-Founder of Denizen Studios, a documentary production company committed to sparking civic engagement through nonfiction storytelling.
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