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Justin Krebs and Emily Oster on Reopening Schools



Senior Fellow and former Board Member Justin Krebs spoke with economist and best-selling author Emily Oster on how we get kids back to school full time in September. According to Emily, one of the things that needs to be planned right away is how to accommodate both in-person students who will be going to school five days a week as well as possible online students. She argues that it is crucial to have a “virtual academy option” instead of zooming in online students to the in-person class.

The conversation also featured Johanna Cohen, an Assistant Principle at PS 169, the Sunset Park School, Keri Goldberg, a first grade in-person teacher at PS 321, and Diego Sanchez, a parent and an active voice in the school reopening conversation. The above guest speakers were able to offer their prospectives on the reopening plan as administrators, teachers, and parents.

You can watch the recording of the conversation here (public on Facebook).