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Karolina Osiak publishes her new coaching website



Karolina Osiak is a coach and trainer who focuses on empowering people at critical points throughout their career journey. Using her background in psychology and coaching, Karolina guides people through making difficult choices, like exploring a career shift or stepping onto a leadership path. To take her coaching passion to the next level, Karolina has published a new coaching website, through which she offers both leadership and career coaching. 

Via leadership coaching, Karolina provides guidance on a role transition, helps leaders identify and re-shape their leadership style, and build on their leadership skillset. This process encourages leaders to answer the question of how to create the strongest positive impact on their team, organizations, and society.

Through career coaching, Karolina aims to empower people to decide on pursuing career paths aligned with their goals and aspirations. Thanks to creating a self-reflection haven to explore one’s strengths and saboteurs, coachees build confidence, create and follow up on a plan for their next career moves.

Karolina supports people from a mixed platter of backgrounds and helps them in reaching their goals and creating a positive change in their lives. Her new website can be found here.