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FROM HERE: Workshops and Screenings



Senior Fellow Christina Antonakos-Wallace has recently hosted several screenings of her film From Here. The screenings took place in the US, March 4-14, at Seattle Asian American Film Festival (USA, English), Germany, on March 14, as part of Romnja Power Month with Live Q&A, and Luxembourg, March 4-14, with pre-recorded Q&A Luxembourg City Film Festival.

Christina has also led a workshop in Germany on March 12th, called Methodenhandbuch Mimans Geschichte. Handreichung zum Thema Gadje-Rassismus –train the Trainer workshop on Anti-Roma Racism. She will be also leading a workshop the US, on April 14th in the University of Illinois – Reimagine Belonging: Storytelling for Immigrant Justice and Multiracial Democracy. You can register for this workshop here.

As part of relaunching an educational site With Wings and Roots, Christina has also started a new blog. This should be a space to deepen conversations about migration, identity, belonging, creative activism in the written word. The first guest entry is Making Jam with Gigi by Simon Borumond!