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Senior Fellow Héctor Álvarez's VoyageLA Interview



Senior Fellow Héctor Álvarez was recently interviewed by VoyageLA as part of a Local Stories series. He shared about his childhood and his career in the arts.

Héctor grew up in a small town in Spain, and the theater festivals and performances his town hosted every year sparked his own interest in theater. After joining a youth ensemble at age 12, Héctor earned a scholarship to united World Colleges at age 16. In his words, “The experience really helped me commit to a life of creativity and it opened the door to many other opportunities, like coming to study in the US.” He is currently pursuing his MFA in Directing at the California Institute of the Arts.

To describe his work, Héctor explains, “On top of traditional theater tools, I use things like choreography, visual poetry, design, and unconventional casting to create experiences that really take advantage of the fact that there is a live audience present.”

To learn more about Héctor’s life and work, you can read the full article here.