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Senior Fellow Hollis Wong-Wear's New Single: Grace Lee



Senior Fellow Hollis Wong-Wear, a singer-song writer and producer, released a single named “Grace Lee.” This single celebrates Grace Lee Boggs, the activist, philosopher, and author. In a podcast episode with Crossroads Cafe, Hollis talks about her new single, explaining why Grace Lee was so inspirational. Crossroads Cafe is a podcast that “explores the intersections of art, spirituality, and social change.” Not only did Hollis see a lot of similarities between her and Grace Lee, from growing up in a Chinese Restaurant to having an interest in philosophy, but she was also inspired by her activism in both Asian American and Black Power spaces. In addition to discussing the new single, this podcast episode explores Hollis’ journey in combining two of her passions, music and social justice, as well as her goal of centering creativity and the arts around social justice and healing.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.