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Fabric Health organizes Cancer Screenings at Laundromats



On a recent weekend, Senior Fellow Allister Chang’s startup has turned a North Philadelphian laundromat into the doctor’s office.

According to this Fast Company article by Adele Peters, people waiting for their clothes to dry could choose to get a cancer screening, have their blood pressure checked, or even sign up for health insurance. All ohese services were coordinated by Fabric Health, a startup co-founded by Allister Chang. The aim of the startup is to improve access to healthcare, the article reports.

According to the reporter, “Fabric’s team goes to laundromats during busy hours, often greeting people at the door and offering to help carry in bags of laundry—and sometimes offering a card for a free load of laundry—and then talks to them about their health concerns.”

To read more about the action as well as Fabric Health, read this Fast Company article.