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The Fabrice Guerrier Show: Eastern Futures



Senior Fellow Fabrice Guerrier creates and produces a podcast on the future of humanity. The Fabrice Guerrier Show interviews leaders, innovators, and creative minds who offer insights on creating a better and more just future.

Eastern Futures” is a two-part episode series special exploring the east and some key ideas of possible futures.

The first episode of this special features Professor Kerry Brown from King’s College London, a world renowned thought leader and scholar of Chinese history, international relations and politics. Together, they discuss the future of China and how to live in a multipolar world.

Listen to the episode directly below:

Or watch the video version of the conversation:

  • For more information about the first episode of the series special, click here.

The second episode of the special features Bruce Lee, who helps Fabrice explore a myriad of ideas from Gong Fu, The Toa, Zen, Ying and Ying, Satori, Buddhism and more.

Listen to the episode directly below: