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Let’s talk about Qatar. But let’s not stop there.



Senior Fellow Jessamy Garver-Affeldt is currently doing research on migration in West and North Africa for the Mixed Migration Centre. Her latest article discusses Qatar and migration in light of the World Cup 2022, but simultaneously brings attention to similarly problematic policies around the world.

Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup 2022 has led to significant scrutiny of the situation of migrant workers in the country,” Jessamy introduces her article. While the situation of migrant workers in Qatar remains precarious, “Qatar also shows that change and reform are possible,” she explains.

“Governments can endanger migrants far beyond their own borders.”

Jessamy then signals how common inhumane policies and practices towards migrants continue to be. To name a few, Australia, Spain, or also Poland have “harsh and harmful policies and practices towards migrants.

We all need to do better,” Jessamy concludes her writing.