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Senior Fellow Kenneddy Odede writes about chances to avert the Covid-19 disaster in urban slums in Kibera



In the article “Chance to avert Disaster in Urban Slums”, published by  Daily Nation, Senior Fellow Kennedy Odede writes about the role of community engagement and importance to address the Corona crises collectively, together with the government and the public sector not to move from a health crisis to class warfare. 

Kibera communities work together to do everything they can to keep the COVID-19 out. Community leaders through the organization Schofco, founded by Keneddy Odede years ago have set up hand-washing stations at every point to the slum and are running door to door outreach campaigns to raise awareness and distribute critical materials like bleach, homemade soap, and hand sanitiser.

“How does a community like Kibera practise social-distancing? How can we afford to stock supplies and cordon our families off in rooms that hardly contain us? The fate of urban slums will determine the course of the virus on a national scale. If it reaches communities like Kibera, it will spread easily, ruthlessly.” You can access the full article here.